Germain Rodriquez

CEO, Personal Trainer, Fitness freak

As a fitness enthusiast, Germain has more than 20 years of experience within the Fitness industry. Starting off as a skinny legend, he’s now a self-made well-built muscle machine. His main focus is making others fall in love with the lifestyle and making sure they achieve their highest potential.


Brian Libert

COO, Fitness freak

Brian’s fitness journey started in 2018 by trying out some stuff at home. In 2021 he stepped into a gym and soon realized that he has superior untapped potential. He since then made it his mission to push himself, beyond his limits. Often realizing that “impossible isn’t a thing”.

Our Mission

To provide the inspiration and the motivation for people to be active and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy is “If I can do it, so can you”. This represents our beliefs and values, which characterize the four building blocks of the brand: 

  1. To inspire
  2. To motivate
  3. To activate
  4. To repeat and adopt the lifestyle 

Our Story

Four Lines Club, commonly referred to as Four Lines, was founded by fitness freak Germain Rodriguez in September 2020. His philosophy of ‘If I can, so can You’ became the guiding force for setting up the brand. He believes that the lifestyle should be an all-in-one movement and aims to make this possible for fellow fitness freaks and fitness fanatics. The brand aims to enable all to be the best version of yourself. This in the form of physical health, mental wellness, nutrition and activewear